Bengt Glimelius, MD, PhD


Professor Emeritus and seen as one of the founding fathers of medical oncology.  Has demonstrated long term commitment to clinical and translational research within gastrointestinal cancers and malignant lymphoma. This has improved both therapies and prognosis and influenced today’s standard of care. Within these fields of oncology, his research interests include tumor biology, predictive and prognostic markers to study the effect of different treatments, clinical trials involving chemotherapy and optimized radiation-therapy as well as psychological care of cancer patients. Principal Investigator of several international clinical trials such as the PLIANT-,RAPIDO-, NORDIC7 and the NORDIC8 study as well as EORTC-trials. He is author of more than 500 research articles and textbook chapters as well as author of several guideline documents in the area of colorectal cancer. Member of several scientific organizations and the chief editor of Acta Oncologica, he also holds a number of positions on other scientific editorial boards. Glimelius has lectured at many international conferences and chaired several consensus conferences. He has been honored with a number of prestigious awards for his outstanding research, the Hamilton Fairly Award by ESMO, is one example.