Alain Herrera

Alain Herrera

MD, PhD / Board Member

Dr. Alain Herrera, MD, PhD is an oncologist / hematologist that has contributed directly to the worldwide registration of, among others, the cytostatic oxaliplatin. Oxaliplatin in combination with fluorouracil and leucovorin constitute one of today’s basic regimens, FOLFOX, in treatment of colorectal cancer. Currently Dr. Herrera operates as a Senior Consultant within the field of Oncology. Prior to this Dr. Herrera held the position of Vice President of Global Oncology Business Strategy and Development at Sanofi and before that he was Head of Global Oncology Franchise at Sanofi. Dr. Herrera has also served as Chairman of Chiron Therapeutics Europe and as Managing Director of Pierre Fabre Oncology Laboratories. Dr. Herrera is part of the Supervisory Board of, among others; IDDI, Nanobiotix, PDCline Pharma, Gustave Roussy-Transfert and Arcad Foundation.

Position: Board Member

Elected: 2018

Year of birth: 1950

Holdings: 0 shares*

Independent in relation to the company and its management: Yes

Independent in relation to larger shareholders: Yes

*Own or related natural or legal person holding shares and other financial instruments in the company. Holdings as of June 30, 2021.