Karin Ganlöv, MD

Karin Ganlöv, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Karin Ganlöv is accountable for medical advice and medical decisions related to the development of arfolitixorin (Modufolin®). She is also the company’s personal data protection representative/officer and is responsible for the clinical research team. Karin is a medical doctor (MD) from Lund University. She is specialized/board certified in cardiothoracic surgery and has research experience from the field of inflammatory diseases. The last 13 years she has worked in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, initially as a medical advisor within her field of expertise, and the last 8 years as Medical Director, of which the last 5 years was in a role with corporate and global responsibility.

Karin joined Isofol in 2015.

Position: Chief Medical Officer

Holdings*: 13 664 shares, 176 300 warrants**

E-mail: karin.ganlov@isofolmedical.com
Phone: (+46)702 433 750

*Own or related natural or legal person holding shares and other financial instruments in the company. Holdings as of June 30, 2019.
** Isofol Medical AB (publ) warrent program 2018 series 2018/2022 and 2018/2023 . For more information and terms read more under Corporate Governance.