Marianne Svärd, Ph.D

Marianne Svärd, Ph.D


Marianne has the overall responsibility for CMC and IMP for the clinical studies, she holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry/Surface and Colloid Chemistry from Lund University. Her professional experience includes more than 25 years in pharmaceutical R&D and production including positions at Astra Zeneca and Ferring.

She works according to a semi-virtual working model with a network of experienced concultants and CROs. For example, she headed a project that, over a period of two years, took an investigational anti-cancer product from candidate drug to initiation of a phase I/II clinical trial.

Since 2003, Marianne has worked for small and medium-sized companies as an independent consultant through Skogsmöllan AB and has managed or participated in several national and international clinical trial applications.

Marianne joined Isofol in 2013.

Phone: +46 (0) 705 285 987