Sven Erickson, PhD

Sven Erickson, PhD

Chief Commercial Officer

Sven Ericksson lead the licensing and commercialization efforts of the company’s lead candidate arfolitixorin (Modufolin®). Prior to joining Isofol, Mr. Erickson served as Director of Medical Affairs in the Nordic region at PTC Therapeutics. Preceding his employment at PTC Therapeutics was his role as Product Search and Evaluation Manager at Medivir, a research-based pharmaceutical company with focus on oncology, managing in-licensing operations. Before joining Medivir in 2014, Mr. Erickson have also held different positions at Novartis including Scandinavian Medical Head of Critical Care. Mr. Eriksson has a PhD in Experimental Oncology from The Karolinska Institute, Sweden.

Sven joined Isofol in 2017.

Position: Chief Commercial Officer

Holdings*: 16 332 shares, 176 300 warrants**

Phone: +46 (0)722 006 090

*Own or related natural or legal person holding shares and other financial instruments in the company. Holdings as of June 30, 2020.
** Isofol Medical AB (publ) warrent program 2018 series 2018/2022 and 2018/2023 . For more information and terms read more under Corporate Governance.