Business Concept

Business Concept

“Isofol shall contribute to extend the lives and improve the quality of life of people suffering from cancer by making the drug, arfolitixorin, globally available”


  • To ensure a successfull execution of the pivotal study,, ISO-CC-007, in the field of colorectal cancer
  • To achieve marketing authorisation for the candidate drug, arfolitixorin, for the primary target markets in the USA, Europe and Japan
  • To establish a solid commercialisation plan for a successful launch of arfolitixorin


Develop arfolitixorin in the field of oncology

Isofol is a biotech company whose goal is to achieve the market launch of arfolitixorin. The drug is designed to reduce the tumour burden, improve the quality of life, and extend the lifespan of a large number of patients in need. The company focuses on a cancer drug that is deemed to have a substantial medical and commercial potential.

Focus on the greatest unmet medical need

Isofol is conducting a pivotal study focusing on the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) where substantial unmet medical need exists; many people are affected and existing treatment alternatives are inadequate. Only 14% of patients with mCRC are still alive five years after diagnosis.

Organisational strategy

Isofol has built an organisation with key skills that are complemented by partnership-based collaborations designed to secure resources and optimal expertise.

Commercial strategy and business model

Isofol intends to have drawn up and implemented a commercialisation strategy well in advance of submitting a marketing authorisation. Isofol’s goal is to out-license arfolitixorin or to sell Isofol  to a global pharmaceutical company.