Vision and Business Concept


“Isofol is focused on making arfolitixorin available worldwide and thereby improving the quality of life and prognosis for patients with cancer”

Business Concept

Isofol will help extend life and improve the quality of life for cancer patients by offering the drug arfolitixorin globally.


  • Ensure the completion of the AGENT study in colorectal cancer
  • Ensure that we can apply for regulatory approval for arfolitixorin as soon as possible after the end of the study
  • Establish a solid commercialisation plan for the successful launch of arfolitixorin
  • Assess strategic partnerships to maximise the potential and value of arfolitixorin
  • Investigate extended uses of arfolitixorin through life cycle activities


Develop arfolitixorin in oncology

Isofol is a biotech company with the goal of bringing arfolitixorin to market. The drug is intended to reduce the tumour burden, increase the quality of life and life span of a large number of patients with colorectal cancer. The ongoing AGENT study focuses on the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) where the medical need is high. With the current treatment options, only 10% of mCRC patients are alive five years after diagnosis.
The company will also investigate whether arfolitixorin can be effective in other cancers and thus help more patients.

Organisational strategy

Isofol has built an organisation with key competencies that are complemented by partnerships that ensure resources with the best expertise.

Commercial strategy and business model

To ensure that arfolitixorin can be launched immediately after regulatory approval, Isofol will develop a full commercialisation strategy to be completed prior to submission of the application to the regulatory authorities for marketing authorisation. This is done partly to ensure that the company is ready to commercialise on its own, and partly to improve its negotiating position with potential partners. Isofol continuously evaluates various strategic partnerships, and if an agreement with a global partner increases the value of arfolitixorin, we will consider it.