The following explanations are helpful in understanding certain specific terms and expressions that Isofol uses:

EMAEuropean Medicines Agency
FDAFood and Drug Administration
HDMTXHigh-dose treatment with methotrexate
INDInvestigational New Drug Application (for the FDA)
mCRCmetastaserad kolo­rektal­cancer
NDANew Drug Application
ORRObjective Response Rate
PFSProgression Free Survival

Preclinical study

Research that takes place before a drug or treatment method is sufficiently documented to be studied in humans. Includes testing of substances on tissue samples and subsequent testing on laboratory animals.

Clinical study/trial

Investigation of a new drug or treatment method on healthy volunteers or patients where the aim is to study the efficacy and safety of an, as yet, unapproved form of treatment.

Clinical phase l

The first time when a new substance is given to humans. Phase I studies are often carried out on a small number of healthy volunteers to study safety and dosage for an, as yet, unapproved form of treatment.

Clinical phase ll

Phase ll refers to the first time when a drug under development is given to patients to study the safety, dosage and efficacy of an, as yet, unapproved form of treatment.

Clinical phase lll

Phase III studies/trials comprise numerous patients and are often conducted over an extended period of time. They are intended to map the efficacy and side effects of the drug under ordinary but still closely monitored conditions.

Pivotal study (study forming the basis for a decision)

A clinical study designed to provide data on the efficacy and safety of the drug when applying for marketing authorisation from the FDA or EMA, for example.