Isofol announces that an abstract with new research results has been published for this year’s ASCO congress in Chicago

Isofol Medical AB (publ) announces that a scientific abstract has been published for this year’s annual Congress of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). The abstract presents results from a retrospective study in patients treated with 5-FU and the folate leukovorin (LV) for metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC). The study shows a clear correlation between treatment outcomes, measured as progression-free survival (PFS) and expression levels of genes controlling folate metabolism and thus conversion of LV to the active substance, methyltetrahydrofolate (MTHF). Patients with high gene expression for ABCC3 have an average PFS of 10.1 months versus 6.5 months for patients with low gene expression.

The abstract presents the following results::

• there is a significant correlation between PFS and high gene expression for ABCC3

• patients with high gene expression of ABCC3 have an average PFS of 10.1 months versus 6.5 months for patients with low gene expression of ABCC3

• gene expression of folate related genes can predict how the patient will respond to 5-FU/folate-based cancer treatment

The gene expression study, which is the basis for the abstract, has been conducted by academic researchers working with Isofol Medical. The abstract is published at the ASCO 2018 scientific conference, which takes place on June 1-5 in Chicago. ASCO is a world-leading oncology specialist forum aimed at spreading scientific evidence to physicians and researchers in the cancer treatment sphere and setting the agenda for future treatments.

“Isofol’s drug candidate arfolitixorin contains the active substance MTHF and is not dependent on metabolic activation to exert its effect. This creates a potential for all patients, regardless of levels of gene expression of ABCC3, to receive the maximum treatment effect of 5-FU in combination with folates. The results from the study indicate a possible improvement potential with arfolitixorin, which Isofol will evaluate in the ISO-CC-007 registration study. The study will begin in the fall in patients with mCRC,”says Karin Ganlöv, CMO for Isofol Medical.

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Authors: B Gustavsson, E Odin, P Saksena, H Wedel, A Edsjö, G Carlsson, H Taflin, E Bexe Lindskog, K Ganlöv, A Vedin, Y Wettergren

Department of Surgery, Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden; Department of Pathology, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden; Isofol Medical AB, Arvid Wallgrens backe 20, Göteborg, Sweden ; Department of Clinical Genetics and Pathology, Regional Laboratories Region Skåne, Lund, Sweden

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About arfolitixorin

Arfolitixorin is a new drug developed to increase the efficacy of the cytotoxic agent 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and as a rescue drug after high-dose methotrexate treatment. The active ingredient in arfolitixorin, [6R]-5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate, is the key active metabolite of the widely used folate-based drugs leucovorin and levoleucovorin. Arfolitixorin is suitable for all patients irrespective of their capacity to activate folates since it does not require metabolic activation to exert its effect.

About Isofol Medical AB (publ)

Isofol Medical AB (publ) is a drug development company within the field of oncology developing arfolitixorin, primarily as a treatment for advanced colorectal cancer and as a rescue drug after high-dose methotrexate treatment in osteosarcoma (bone cancer). Through a worldwide exclusive license agreement, Isofol holds the rights to develop and commercialise arfolitixorin within oncology with access to the unique patented production process and the production capabilities of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. Isofol Medical AB is traded on the Nasdaq First North Premier. Certified Adviser is FNCA Sweden AB.

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