Jan Törnell, presentation

Jan Törnell – New chairman of the board

Three quick questions

How did you end up on the board of Isofol?

I was approached by the Nomination committee which made me take a closer look at Isofol. After understanding the exciting phase that the company finds itself in with upcoming phase III data and I agreed to be nominated as the chairman of the board.

What do you think makes Isofol an exciting company?

The upcoming phase III data. The company evaluating treatment alternative for cancer patients with a large unmet need that hasn’t been addressed for almost 20 years. Arfolitixorin has a well-known mechanism of action. I really like the concept.

What do you think you will contribute to Isofol?  

I have a long history of searching for treatments for cancer patients from the scientific, commercial and medical points of view. My medical training and my scientific career were mainly focused on cancer with a number of years In big pharma under my belt I have obtained an understanding for the commercial aspect. I think that I can provide a broad perspective. On top of that I have experience from serving on several boards in both listed and private life science companies.


Last updated 07-27-2022