Merck and Isofol enter into an exclusive supply & license agreement

Isofol Medical AB announced today that they have expanded the existing agreement and entered into a worldwide exclusive supply & license agreement with Merck KGaA and Merck & Cie (Merck) for the use of [6R]-5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate (also known as Modufolin®) in cancer treatment.

Through this exclusive agreement Isofol has secured the supply of Modufolin®, for not only the ongoing pre clinical and clinical development but also for the future commercialization of Modufolin®. Furthermore, Isofol now has a license to all Merck patents for Modufolin®.

“This exclusive supply and license agreement for a uniquely promising folate with the world’s leading manufacturer of reduced folates, puts Isofol in a very strong position also for the future marketing approval after the ongoing development program for Modufolin®”, said Anders Rabbe, CEO of Isofol Medical.

About Modufolin®
Modufolin®(chemical name [6R]-5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate), is a novel folate-based compound developed to increase the efficacy and reduce the side effects of antimetabolites used in cancer treatment. It is the key active metabolite of all clinically used folate-based drugs today including Leucovorin and Levoleucovorin and therefore does not require metabolic activation. This makes Modufolin® suitable for all patients irrespective of their capacity to activate folates and it is currently evaluated in clinical phase II studies.

About Isofol Medical
Isofol Medical is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing novel products for unmet needs within oncology. Isofol’s lead clinical candidate is Modufolin®. Isofol Medical collaborates closely with its strategic R&D partner Merck Millipore, the world’s leading manufacturer of reduced folates including Leucovorin and Levoleucovorin.

For more information, please contact:
Anders Rabbe, CEO, Isofol Medical AB
Phone: +46 (0)707 646 500

Modufolin® is a registered Trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.