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More about Isofol

Isofol  is a biotech company that is developing the cancer drug candidate, arfolitixorin, for the treatment of colorectal cancer (CRC) which is the third most common form of cancer worldwide. Therefore, the need for more effective drugs to treat this disease is very high. Arfolitixorin is being developed and commercialized through a global licensing agreement with Merck & Cie in Germany. The licensing agreement also grants Isofol access to the unique patented manufacturing process for arfolitixorin.

Isofol’s operations are based in Gothenburg, and the company’s shares traded on Nasdaq Stockholm’s main market in the Mid Cap segment.

Arfolitixorin, combined with the cytostatic 5-FU, has the potential to become a new standard treatment for patients with advanced CRC for whom 5-FU-based treatment is currently the standard treatment. Arfolitixorin is the first and only direct-acting folate-based drug that enhances the cytotoxic effect in combination with 5-FU, and thereby aims to improve the efficacy of 5-FU-based treatments by potentially achieving a more powerful anti-tumor effect without diminishing safety. Isofol’s primary objective is to improve treatment outcomes for approximately 370,000 advanced/metastatic CRC patients.

Isofol´s History

Last updated 05-24-2023

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