Twin-focus organisation
– Clinical development and commercialisation

Isofol has built up a body of in-house expertise in two main areas – clinical development management and commercialisation, which also includes out-licensing. Partnerships have also been established for other operational areas.

Isofol’s organisation comprises management and employees with high-level competence, all of whom have graduate degrees in such areas as medicine, pharmaceutical bioscience, analytical chemistry, pharmacy,  physical chemistry/surface and colloid chemistry, and molecular biology. The company has around 15 full-time employees and around ten consultants, the majority of whom can be regarded as working on a full-time or virtually full-time basis for Isofol.

The company’s functions comprise medical expertise, clinical studies management, quality assurance, CMC (chemistry, manufacturing and control), business development, finance, and legal matters.

Last updated 10-28-2022

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