Intellectual proporty rights

Isofol has an active intellectual property strategy that covers all of its important markets. The patent portfolio encompasses formulation technology, dosage regime and use.

Protecting company and business secrets is a requirement for Isofol to succeed in achieving the vision it has established. The company’s intellectual property is protected primarily through patents  and patent applications. Isofol works continually and proactively to protect its intellectual property rights for arfolitixorin.

The patent portfolio consists of several types of patents: ingredients, formulations and how they are to be used in treatment. Arfolitixorin currently has patent protection in the US, Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, South Korea and Ukraine for most major forms of cancer until 2038. The active ingredient, the arfolitixorin salt, is patent protected until 2037 in the US and until 2038 in the rest of the world (for example, Europe and China). New patents for the treatment of CRC until 2039 are also expected to be granted in the near future.

Accordingly, the company’s patent protection in Europe was strengthened during the first quarter of 2021 through the approval of its clinical use patent, which includes dosage regimes and use in combination with
5-fluorouracil and other anticancer drugs, such as oxaliplatin, irinotecan and bevacizumab. New patent applications for dosage regimes were also submitted in the third quarter of 2021, and the company plans to further strengthen its patent protection in 2022.

Last updated 11-30-2022

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