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Isofol has entered into a global, exclusive supply and licensing agreement with Merck KGaA for the development and commercialisation of arfolitixorin in cancer treatment. Isofol’s supply and licensing agreement with Merck remains in force as long as any of Isofol’s or Merck’s patents remain valid – a term which currently extends, at a minimum to 2037 (and potentially longer in the light of patent applications subsequently submitted). This agreement regulates both the price that Isofol pays for the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, i.e. the active substance) and future royalties on sales. The patent portfolio comprises several types of patent: substance, formulation, and how they shall be used in the treatment process.

Isofol´s main patent

Patent noPatentTypeValidRegionStatus
US 10,059,710 B2
US 10,336,758 B2

Formulation/Treatment method

EP 3033344Arfolitixorin
Canada, etc.
Granted in Europe (36 countries), China, Australia, Mexico, Israel, South Africa, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Patent pending in six other countriess i
6 övriga länder

US 9,180,128Citrate compositionFormulation/Treatment method2029USAGranted
EP 1641460Citrate compositionFormulation/Treatment method2024Europe (12 countries), Japan, Canada, Australia, China, India, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, South AfricaGranted in all countries
WO 2018/065445

US 10,328,078 B2

Dosage regimesTreatment method2038


PCT (countries not selected)


Patent pending


WO 2018/065446Dosage regimesTreatment method2038PCT (countries not selected)Patent pending
WO 2018/150264

US 10,292,984 B2

Enzyme inhibition, blood measurementTreatment method2038USA, Europe, Japan + 16 countriesGranted in US

US 2019/0212341 A1

Dose regimen for ongoing clinical studyTreatment method2039PCT (countries not selected)Patent pending
WO 2015/114099Measurement method to be used before clinical treatmentTreatment method2035US, Europe
+ 3 other countries
Patent pending