PetTer Segelman Lindqvist

M.Sc/Chief Executive Officer

Petter Segelman Lindqvist has a MSc in Business and Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden, and EM Lyon, France. He has experiences from leading positions in the pharmaceutical industry, including within GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie and Sobi (Swedish Orphan Biovitrum), as well as from board work in smaller biotech companies. He contributes with knowledge of strategic business development and partnerships, global commercialization, and product development. He has led several product launches and has taken drug candidates through clinical development and regulatory processes to market introduction.

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Holdings: 40 000 shares*


*Own or related natural or legal person holding shares and other financial instruments in the company. Holdings as of March 26, 2024.

Last updated 03-27-2024

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