ASCO 2021

ASCO 2021, abstract

Isofol will present an abstract at the annual ASCO meeting between June 4 – June 8. Together with scientists from Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Precision for Medicine/QuartzBio (Geneva, Switzerland), we will present data about the regulation of 5-FU/folate-based treatment in colorectal cancer. MYC activation, a known transcriptional regulator of TYMS (the gene coding for TS), and one of the targets for the treatment, has been identified as a potentially relevant common upstream controller of a group of genes involved in 5-FU/folate efficacy. This relationship opens up for exploring further potential biomarker candidates as factors in 5-FU/Arfolitixorin efficacy and also combinations (including MYC-inhibitors).

Information about the presentation

Title: MYC as a candidate upstream controller involved in TYMS gene expression and 5-FU/folate treatment efficacy in colorectal cancer

Authors: David A. Drubin, Anne-Katrin Hess, Natalie L. Catlett, Alessandro Di Cara, Yvonne Wettergren, Roger Tell

Abstract Number: e15512

Session title: Gastrointestinal Cancer—Colorectal and Anal


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