Share warrant program 2020

Series 2020/2023

At the Annual General Meeting on June 24, 2020, the shareholders decided to introduce an incentive program aimed at the CEO of the company. The program was designed as a supplementary program that was only addressed to the CEO of the company who did not participate in the Warrants Program 2018. The program comprised a maximum of 250,000 warrants and was resulted in a minor dilution for the company’s shareholders, as the company cancels approximately 408,000 warrants from the Warrants Program 2018. The maximum 250,000 warrants were entitled to subscribe for a maximum of 370,000 shares (after completion of the rights issue in June 2020). The subscription price was set for serie 20/23 at SEK 37.0 per share.

For Serie 20/23, the current exercise price amount to SEK 30.3 per share (subscription period from May 15 to July 15, 2023) after recalculation in accordance with the program terms due to the company’s rights issue in June 2021.

The subscription period has passed and the subscription option was not exercised.

For more information we refer to:

The full notice of the 2020 Annual General Meeting under item 17 (in Swedish).

Press release (in Swedish) >>

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