Skövde Sjukhus

“Great need to potentiate treatments”

Johan Haux’s clinic at Skövde Sjukhus is one of the clinics taking part in the ISO-CC-005 study.

“The patients being treated have metastatic colorectal cancer, so surgery is not an option. Even if the number of patients enrolled in the 005 study at a single clinic like ours don’t constitute a statistically reliable sample, the efficacy of arfolitixorin for the patients receiving the drug was so apparent to me, and the adverse effects profile seemed to be the same as for leucovorin (folic acid), and not more pronounced. In the study, arfolitixorin specifically replaced leucovorin, which is the standard treatment nowadays in combination with 5-FU, often together with other cytotoxic drugs, such as oxaliplatin and irinotecan. I’m very excited to see the results of the phase III AGENT study. If the efficacy can be confirmed, if arfolitixorin is demonstrated to work and to potentiate cancer treatments without more/other unfavourable side effects, then this is a very interesting drug indeed. For many of the gastrointestinal types of cancer, 5-FU in combination with leucovorin lies at the core of the treatments and if arfolitixorin turns out to be better, I would, speaking as an oncologist, like to go further and conduct trials on other forms of cancer where there is also a great need to potentiate the anti-cancer effects. There is a huge unmet need here, particularly for those patients who are currently incurable.”

Johan Haux, MD, Ph.D. Senior Physician, Skaraborg Hospital,
oncologist specialising in gastrointestinal cancer. Member of
the Swedish Gastrointestinal Cancer Association (GOF) and
Chairman of the Swedish Study group for Pancreatic Cancer

Johan Haux