The AGENT study – Phase III (ABORTED)

Isofol is developing the drug candidate arfolitixorin with the aim of increasing the efficacy of current standard treatments for colorectal cancer* and certain other tumor diseases. At the end of 2022, it was determined that the AGENT study did not achieve the goals agreed with the pharmaceutical authorities. The company believes that further analyses of the extensive data generated in the Phase III study may provide greater clarity on possible reasons why arfolitixorin did not show a statistically significant difference in efficacy compared to the current standard of care in the study. Isofol is also evaluating various opportunities to conducting additional studies.

* Colorectal cancer, also known as intestinal or rectal cancer, is a form of cancer that arises from uncontrolled cell growth in the large intestine, rectum or appendix.

Last updated 05-08-2023

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